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Diplomatic Vehicle..

 Global Net provides DIPLOMATIC Vehicle services:

What is a diplomatic license plate: Most countries issue diplomatic license plates to accredited Diplomats. These are special vehicle Registration plates which typically have distinctive features to allow Diplomatic Vehicles to be distinguished from other vehicles by police and other bodies, allowing them to give diplomatic vehicles special treatment and warning them that the operators and passengers of those vehicles may have diplomatic immunity.

Conventions on the format of diplomatic license plates vary from country to country. They often feature the letters "CD" (for"Corps Diplomatique"), "D" (for "Diplomat") or prefix of international organizations with diplomatic privileges, such as "EU" (for "EUROPEAN UNION") and "OSCE" (for "Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe").

Global Net been nominated by several Diplomatic & Embassies for their Vehicle purchasing, Importing, Paper works and all other vehicle related matters and enjoying our reliable services.

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